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An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

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Synopsis An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance is a Urban/Realistic novel for men, telling a story of Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys had been married for three years.


“An Understated Dominance” delves into themes of ambition, power, and the price of success. The novel explores the complexities of relationships …
Marina Vittori is the author of An Understated Dominance Novel. This novel is in Urban/Realistic genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good …

Summary An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys had been married for three years. After Dahlia’s meteoric rise to success, she abandons the useless dead weight that’s Dustin, proposing divorce. Unbeknownst to her, everything she had ever achieved was only because of him.

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    Thanks for the teaser though.


  13. Blackie says:

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  14. Mayowa says:

    Not gonna read this anymore if this is how it’s gonna be. Bye!

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  16. Death says:

    What the fuck few chapters were okay but somehow passed the 100 it makes me sick. MC was plotted to be divorced and yet they are still at each other like a fucking students in love. Wtf just fucking move on. It’s like their 3 years of relationship is a fuckin joke in a coma. The repitition of the plot is tiring. You can do better.

  17. Stickman says:

    Damn where do we get to read this full chapter im done waiting

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    Is the author uploading 1 chapter per day on their own site or any specific website? because its the same situation everywhere

  19. Stickman says:

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    It’s well.The suspense is too dense.
    Please,if you actually want to sell the entire novel so that I can end this regime of suspense,I am more than happy to buy.

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  26. Glenn says:

    I have to admit, this guy is about as emasculated as a man can possibly be. His “wife” keeps dumping him for one guy after another after another after another. After the third or fourth time, you’d think he’d maybe learn that she’s just trash? But no, he just keeps going back to her again and again.

    Look, for perspective, their relationship is such a joke that at one point he ends up changing some bandages and applying some lotion because she’d been injured after… I don’t remember, probably another one of her boy toys turned out to be an abusive rapist or something, that happens with remarkable frequency… But he’s changing her bandages, and she ends up freaking out because he’d had a chance to see her naked.

    Chapter 1 establishes that they’d been married for 3 years.

    Their relationship is terrible, and this man is basically the definition of a simp personified.

  27. Dustin says:

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  31. HiperGSJ says:

    Based on multiple signs and inhumanly repeated mistakes spread across all the text, I believe this novel is AI generated.

  32. Mokshith K says:

    If they are short of weapon let me supply, but please start the bloody fight. Why am I feeling this masterpiece is turning into boring Indian TV serial?!

  33. Bryan says:

    I admit that this novel is addictive.. however with 1 chapter a day i consider it a trash.. im losing intirest with this damn

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    How can I get to read from chapter 200 onwards

  35. Scarlet says:

    Chapter 618

    Dustin shook his head, not wanting to waste any more energy on unnecessary conflicts. Instead, he focused on the upcoming duel with Terry Doyle.

    As the time drew near, the crowd quieted down, and all eyes were fixed on the battle ring. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, and everyone was eager to witness the clash between two formidable martial artists.

    Meanwhile, on the east side of the arena, Hector and his daughters sat calmly, observing the scene. Ruth’s nervousness was palpable, and Natasha couldn’t help but feel worried for Dustin as well.

    “Dad, do you think Dustin has a chance?” Natasha asked in a hushed tone.

    “Dustin is skilled, but Terry Doyle is undoubtedly a martial arts prodigy. It won’t be easy, but let’s have faith in him. He has surprised us before,” Hector replied reassuringly.

    Natasha nodded in agreement. “That’s true. Dustin has a way of overcoming challenges that we might underestimate.”

    Just as they were speaking, the commotion in the crowd intensified as Terry Doyle made his grand entrance. He walked confidently towards the battle ring, radiating an aura of strength and dominance.

    The crowd erupted into cheers and applause, acknowledging Terry’s reputation as a prodigy. His prowess in martial arts had garnered admiration and respect from many.

    Dustin, on the other hand, remained calm and composed.

    As Terry stepped into the battle ring, he fixed his piercing gaze on Dustin. The tension in the air was palpable, and everyone held their breath in anticipation.

    “Let the duel begin!” the referee announced.

  36. Fredrick Omondi says:

    Fuck the author their is too much plot repetition and what the fuck is wrong with this Dustin thing he is freaking obsessed with a woman who has trashed him on countless circumstances

  37. Srf says:

    Dustin and Daliha is a good chemistry. But Natasha’s love towards dustin is far superior. Her love is unconditional.

  38. Aaron says:

    This was good until I got to Chapter 68 I think? It’s where the Matt character was introduced at the bank soon after Dahlia was whipped and treated by Dustin. I immediately saw where this was going….a repeat of the Chris character. Ridiculous. I have absolutely no more respect for the character of Dustin as I just know he is going to continue pining over his ex-wife. What a loser of a character! He has no self-respect as Dahlia is just a horrendous woman. I immediately disliked her character just after a few chapter’s. No redeeming quality. As a consequence, I have absolutely no more time to waste.

    Dear Author: Have a clue – create protagonists we can identify with and who have some redeeming character traits otherwise you’ve lost your audience!

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    How and where can I read this novel…from chapter 42 onwards

  40. Bonnie says:

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    Became interested in it
    Began doubting it
    Gabe it the benefit of the doubt
    Finished reading until the latest chapter
    Decided that the author doesn’t plan to change and improve
    Dropping it
    Rate it as a trash together with its peers and copy plots alike

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    3 minutes of reading a day might not read anymore for a week or so just so that I can read the story for more than just a couple minutes

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    So fucking irritating and annoying novel . The author is dump and a sick person who wants to seek attention for no reason . Ohhh ! Please , this content needs to be re-evaluated properly with lots of major changes . This novel makes no sense , repeating the same fucking annoying concept more than thousand times and making the novel so fucking lengthy . I could have completed this kind of novel in just few chapters putting in all the informations from starting to end . Damnnn , it’s just repeating the same concept again and again by changing the name of the person , places and other things . Fuck you whoever the author is ! Come to me I’ll teach you how to write a proper and appropriate novel . I won’t charge you a single penny , it will be free of cost ..

  44. I says:

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    It’s not gonna change

  51. The Dark Loard says:

    The author should get more creative. Why is Dustin such a weakling emotionally…running to Dhalia all the time when we have Natasha? Also, the content is all the same. You are just recycling events.

    Fast forward…Dustin’s father has a dynasty to overthrow. When are we going to get there. Will Dustin be involved? Will Dustin avenge his mother’s death? Also, does Dhalia has to be tied to Dustin to appear relevant? Can’t you create her role independently?

    Verdict: The novel lacks life. We won’t see such a pussified simp of a man even in movies leave alone real life. Try to improve on this aspect or get Natasha wed Dustin.

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    This novel started well but the author doesn’t know much on how to manipulate characters and their role in the novel besides it revolves around one character which makes the audience get bored as they think Dustin is stupid and love possessed with no rationality at all while Daliah looks like she only believe powerful being and her kin so we don’t see any good theme proping within this novel

  55. Arfu says:

    I think nobody likes dustin to following Dahlia’s immotions blindly. whe we see Dustin with Dahlia it’s feel like he is joker and useless guy. but He has allredy got natasha and she is suitable for position of his qeeen and. look like she is the one who able to dealt his all big think

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  58. Mr. T says:

    Please save us the trouble of reading the story of this confused, emotionally spineless guy who keeps going back to his vomit. It was captivating earlier on but it’s becoming annoying.

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    The narrator wants to send a message that no matter the strong man is he’s still be a slave to a woman 🙂 the feminism has no religion 👌

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  63. Shailendra Patar says:

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    Back to real books.

  69. Han says:

    I’m losing my interest a chapter by chapter. Every action of Dustin is same. And after so long waiting then I see only few chapters came. Good for 6 minutes.
    Back to real books.

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    Very interesting novel that I have never red before.

  73. Agraryo says:

    This is such a waste of time. Repetitive scenes and phrases. It’s not really a good idea to read a novel that AI translates. The protagonist has power beyond imagination so what it there to read?

  74. Bimbo says:

    still love dahlia but i think she needs to be offscreen for a while. Tired of having another rapist trick and pursue her. Maybe let her be busy with being the matriarch until an actual good plot comes along to have her back

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    All storylines are almost the same, just different character names

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    Great Novel keep up the good job more chapters please.

  78. Jim Kohi says:

    Repetitive scenarios make the story boring and unrealistic. As for Dahlia and Gavin, I hope this time author makes Gavin and Tyler Grant rape Dahlia so she would be out of Dustin’s world for a while. Maybe they separate forever and that would be great. I would like Dustin and his old childhood friend (Scarlet) to get together and marry as both know their identities and their true power of themselves.

  79. Koushik says:

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  81. Thunderclap says:

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    This novel is great but please increase the number Of chapters you are posting per day

  85. Boaxerh says:

    This novel is great but
    please increase the
    number Of chapters you
    are posting per day

  86. Haroon says:

    TRASH! High possibility that the author took the help of AI to write one single concept over and over again by simply changing the names and relations of the characters.

    A divorced moron gets humiliated over and over again with the same character but with different names. People around him doubt him, get to know him and what he is capable of but forgets as soon as there is a new character introduced. They again start to him doubt him, then get to know him and what he is capable of but forgets as soon as there is a yet another new character introduced.

    Some repeating dialogs:
    “He cannot beat some of ‘character name’s level”
    “He is a country bumpkin”
    “He is worth nothing”
    “So, you still don’t believe me”
    “Blood came out of their mouths”
    “save the damsels in distress”
    …bla bla bla

    Looks like the AI is trained with too many Kung-Fu/Martial Art stories! Nothing sounds real.

  87. CheMonk says:

    @Haroon, so why are you here? Picking up some trashes?

    We love this “trash”

  88. Emperor says:

    The ending:

    Behind Dustin, Gregory smiled widely, looking at Dustin with happiness in his eyes.

    Then, under the gaze of thousands, the brides entered. Instantly, there were cheers all around. Many men looked envious.
    The eight brides were drop-dead gorgeous!

    Natasha, Scarlet, Azalea, Ruby, Abigail, Adriana, Ruth, and Dahlia. They held hands and walked on stage.
    More importantly, each of the brides was of high status. Some were empresses, some were Sect Masters. It could be said that Dustin was living the ultimate dream of many men.
    The expensive gowns showed off their attractive curves. At that moment, when they stood together, each of them looked so beautiful as if they were angels, gracing the presence of mortal humans. It was a visual feast.

    Soon, the wedding was at its peak where they were pronounced husband and wives. Rapturous applause rang out.
    Dustin walked over and kissed each wife on the cheek. He also took many photos and uploaded them to his public WeMet account.

    —The End—

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    Waiting……for the next chapter

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  92. Pranav Gupta says:

    What’s wrong with you admin !!! At least upload 30-40 chapters a day.

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    Yes, an entire Novel would be great to read at our own pace. Something like a Kindle with a reasonable price and I would pay it. But I suspect that this is being written a section at a time, every few days, and broken into “Chapters”that are barely paragraphs and dribbled out one day at a time. I enjoy the story but the redundancy and repetitive pattern combined with the long wait between reasonable chunks to read is quite frustrating.

  97. Jay says:

    As many people have pointed out in the comment section – I also think that the novel is written partly by an AI. Some chapters are missing like Chapter 231. At times half of the chapter is missing. So many spelling mistakes as if no one had proofread it, The plot repeats just by changing the names. That’s all. Just an average novel.

  98. R says:

    no chapters today?

  99. Namisoka says:

    There is a chinese low quality novel I was reading last year -Hero of Hearts / The Charismatic Charlie Wade- and I think that this Understated Dominance is its worst replica. The endless repetitiveness of a single scenario with different characters, the incurable stupidity conferred to Dalhia and her relatives in this novel are an insult to human intellect.

  100. Marlon says:

    Why can they onky publish 5 cheaper per day, at any given time?

  101. OpeOla says:

    There’s are people like that of Dalhia’s family…..
    It’s just all about there pride, backing out is not their option, even when they I’m the wrong….

    And as for Dalhia she believe she’s strong, but absolutely weak and putting on a protective altitude at the same time wants to call the shots
    Little did she know that her own protection has turned to pride taking advantage of a weakness within

  102. OpeOla says:

    There are people like that of Dalhia’s family…..
    It’s just all about there pride, backing out is not their option, even when they I’m the wrong….

    And as for Dalhia she believe she’s strong, but absolutely weak and putting on a protective altitude at the same time wants to call the shots
    Little did she know that her own protection has turned to pride taking advantage of a weakness within

  103. NestleLover says:

    Anyone that thought the writer is an italian needs to attend brain cancer therapy.

  104. Ui says:

    Which chapter is the big reveal?

  105. andoy says:

    thank you marina vittori. your so kind and generous for sharing this story. more blessings to you and good health.

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    is there any other place to read this? Some of the “early chapters” are incomplete or chopped in midle of a sentence and move on, or they repeat on the next chapter i.e chapter 225 is the one I have fresh.

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    Best Novel I have ever read, God bless the Author 🙏🏽

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    Na novel I want read I go read comment
    Abeg update this novel b4 is read comment finish

  109. Chuck Cannon says:

    Unless there is some wicked deep shit twist from Natasha, I chose her any damn day over Dahlia. She is an example of everything tou want from a partner…and yet she will only be the next best thing. Gadammit! hahaha

  110. GloHot says:

    Its just the resounding slap that Florence (Dahlia mum) got, it made my day, I was so happy, I have just been reading that sentence since oo. I wish some was reserved for that Dahlia and Julie, they both deserve such.

  111. Brian says:

    The security protocal is slow after every chapter. Making someone loose intrest in it

  112. Dragon says:

    Is this a feminist fantasy? Lol
    It seems like it with the typical I’m a strong independent women having a ungodly powerful character just constantly simping for her.

  113. Perry says:

    It’s getting boring now

  114. dino says:

    sad to say but were boring, we’re waiting for the next episode hope that you should upload more than 10 episode everyday, thanks a lot. btw this is my first time to read a novel and it was wonderful!

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    Please I need more of this
    Though I can’t stand Dahlia, I don’t know how many more times she going to doubt Dustin
    Its really irritating but still
    I want more chapters

  116. Angelius says:

    Amazing if you are an anime lover in this novel Dastin is like Jon Wick + One Punch man.

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  122. Can we just be done with Dhalia and her greedy family? With all her intelligence she couldn’t see between Rhys and her pathetic family. Making the same mistakes over and over and over and over again..

    The chapters per day are too few and it makes it boring and uninteresting, especially with repeated scenes every now and then.

    Otherwise, a great story to while away with

  123. Dienny says:

    I’ll highly recommend this novel.
    keep it up who ever you are writing this one!!!
    im gonna keep on waiting for your updates

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  126. Zayon-Nzegbulam Modelson says:

    I feel bad now that she has lost her memories of Dustin
    Only God knows how it would be from here on out

  127. Folinkjoo says:

    It’s just a traduction of a chinese novel, the chinese one is at 1720 chap and still going at a rate of 3/4 chaps a day.
    The author name is a fake one too, They just translated a chinese novel and changed the title and the names.
    If any one want a link to the original one just drop a comm, you can read it with google translate the quality will be the same as here, but the Chinese names are a bit tricky and difficult to remember.

  128. Rhett Venida says:

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  134. Rhett Venida says:

    Very inspirational and teeth gritting experiences reading this.. I wish there woul be at least chapters 898 to 1200 before posting.. thanks…

  135. Rhett Venida says:

    This is actually my very 1st time to read a novel.. and it entertains me so much..

  136. Michael says:

    this issue with this method is that, you get captivated once you start and do not want to try another novel of this type any more…. reading just few pages a day…. creating such time daily is not easy

  137. Adex says:

    Can you just end this please? I hate to feel this way and I’m not going to read novel ever online again cos I hate that I have to keep refreshing the browser and wait for just a few 2 pages which are not even to a chapter 😔😔😔

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    I dont mind reading 50 chapters a day but i know the admin might have time constraints or other engagements

    Dustin, Dustin, Dustin


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  148. Bryan says:

    Guys if you want chinese version of this novel fully translated with 1700chapters kindly message me at my facebook page “the rider section” i will share the link there.. pls dont forget to follow my page

  149. Bryan says:

    Actualy this is a chinese novel.. the admin has nothing to do with the story line.. please dont blame the admin here as he is giving his best to upload as many pages as he can..

  150. Bryan says:

    Soon dustin will prove his inoccense of killing paul. insted he captured the one or the real mastermind of paul assasination..wanna know what happen next? There is a master in the martial arts league tha is also involve in paul hills death that makes dustin very mad an he chalkenge this person

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