Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Chapter 79

Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Chapter 79

Chapter 79 I Have a Son with You 

David darkened his face. 


It had not been easy for him to get this girlfriend. How could he allow others to destroy it so easily? 

David pushed Lily away quickly and pulled Charlotte aside. Without giving Lily a chance to speak, he said coldly, “I already have a girlfriend. Stay away from me.” 

Lily glanced at Charlotte casually and continued to say to David, “Just a girlfriend. I used to be your girlfriend as well.” 

David looked even gloomier. “She’s different from you. As long as she wants to, she’ll be my future wife.”” 

Only then, it was the first time that Lily looked straight at Charlotte. 

She looked Charlotte up and down with picky eyes, and there was a flash of madness in her eyes. “I don’t believe that you will give up your freedom for a woman. Have you forgotten the most indulgent time when you played…” 

“Enough.” David raised his voice and interrupted her. “I don’t know why you are here, but you should understand that we 


will never be together again, and you can’t destroy my relationship with her.” 

Lily blinked innocently and said, “But I have a son with you.” 

“What nonsense are you talking about?” David widened his eyes. He didn’t believe that Lily would do such a thing. 

Although he had dated a lot of women, Lily left a deep 


impression on him. The reason was that this woman was too crazy. 

Not only did she not allow him to have any contact with others, but she had also chased after his car on the street several times and almost caused a car accident. 

It was absolutely impossible for Lily to secretly give birth to a child for him. 

But Lily said with certainty, “I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, 

me, I’ll bring the child to you tomorrow!” 

David stepped forward with a gloomy face and said, “No matter why you are here, I advise you not to court death.” 

In the face of his depression, Lily seemed to be unaware of anything and said calmly, “But you don’t want your child to have no father since childhood, do you? He has thought that you were just going abroad to work.” 

Chapter 79 I Have a Son with Your 


“Enough!” David scolded in a low voice. The atmosphere 

between the three was so weird that it attracted the attention 

of many passers-by. He could only stare at Lily fiercely. “Get 


Lily was not afraid at all. She even winked at Charlotte and 

said, “See you tomorrow.” 

Charlotte did not respond. 

After Lily left, David looked at Charlotte anxiously and said, “I have been breaking up with her for seven or eight years, and we have never had any contact, let alone met, and I don’t know why she suddenly appeared…” 

Seeing him so nervous, Charlotte smiled helplessly. “It doesn’t matter, I believe you.” 

According to her understanding of David, he was definitely not the kind of person who was irresponsible to abandon others. 

David breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at Charlotte who didn’t mind at all, a subtle complexity rose in his heart again. 

“Do you really not care about it at all?” David tried to hold it back, but he still asked. 


Charlotte was stunned. After seeing the disappointment in the eyes of David, she pursed her lips and did not speak. 

The atmosphere between the two of them instantly became 


In the end, David sighed and said, “It doesn’t matter. I can wait for you.” 

Charlotte opened her mouth but said nothing in the end. 


Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Novel Full Episode

Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Novel Full Episode

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Fled With CEO's Twin Babies by Sherri Roman

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