Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Chapter 5

Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Chapter 5


Chapter 5 Five Years Later 

Mia had indeed bought a ticket to Farmland. However, Joe’s men couldn’t find her at the airport she was supposed to arrive at, and there was no evidence of her traveling to other countries. 

Joe and Jack continued searching for her for two months, but they had no luck. 

Mia White had essentially disappeared… 

*Five years later, at the airport in Atlanta” 

The special assistant of Horizon Group, Frank Wilson, waited anxiously outside the airport. He kept his eyes fixed on the exit. Finally, a woman appeared, and he sighed in relief. 

He quickly approached her and greeted her politely. “Welcome, Miss Clinton.” 

The woman was dressed in a tight red dress that showed off her lovely curves. She slowly took off her sunglasses, revealing her bright eyes. 

“Thank you,” she said with a warm smile. 

She had changed a lot in the past five years. No one from her old life would ever recognize this dazzling woman as the gentle daughter of the White family, Mia White. 


Though Frank had seen her countless times through a computer screen, he was still captivated by her beauty in real life. He hurriedly took her luggage. “Would you like to go to the hotel first or head straight to the company?” 

“Let’s go to the company first.” 

Frank nodded and took Mia directly to the Horizon Group office. 

Horizon Group had become a very powerful company, despite having only been founded just two years ago. It was quickly catching up to the Four Major Family Corporations, and even earned the respect of their leaders. 

Not much was known about the person in charge of Horizon Group, leading to much speculation. Only the executives of Horizon knew the true identity of the person at the top. 

Frank led Mia upstairs. The receptionist at the front desk noted how he was so attentive to a mysterious woman. She couldn’t help but wonder who she was. 

Minutes later, Mia reached the top floor of the building. Looking down at the familiar sights of Atlanta, she felt her anxiety 


She quickly composed herself and asked Frank, “Isn’t tomorrow Sir Smith’s birthday?” 

“Yes! Are you planning to go?” 

At the mention of the Smith family, Mia’s eyes flickered with unreadable emotions, but she soon returned to her normal self and smiled sweetly 

“We have a project in collaboration with the Smith family, don’t we? Of course, I have to go.” 

Frank nodded and was about to leave when Mia stopped him again. “I don’t have a suitable dress. Have someone send some over.” 

After he left, the large office became quiet. 

Mia couldn’t help but recall the past, and a bitter smile appeared on her face. 

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by her ringing phone. 

Mia answered the video call and saw two adorable children on the screen. 

“Mommy!” They exclaimed. 

Seeing their chubby faces on the screen, Mia felt her anxiety melt away. 

“Have you two been good?” Mia asked softly. 

“Yes!” The little boy answered sweetly, while the little girl whispered, “Grandpa took us horse riding today.” 

“Horse riding?” She raised an eyebrow, “Then you need to 

behave for Grandpa. Mommy will be back soon.” 

The children nodded and chatted for a while before ending the call. 

The moment the call ended, Mia’s gentle smile and demeanor vanished, replaced by her sharp business persona. 

At night, Sun-House was brightly lit. 

Inside the hall, big shots from Atlanta gathered, chatting lively. 

These people would be the center of attention outside, but the Smith family managed to invite them all to the party. 

Joe stood in the second-floor hallway, observing the scene below with a detached expression. 

His handsome face had matured over the past five years, radiating wisdom and depth. His well-tailored ash suit 

emphasized his tall stature, attracting admiring glances from the ladies present. 

Joe ignored their stares, glancing back at his assistant, Jack. 

Jack adjusted his glasses and spoke rapidly, “We heard that the CEO of Horizon Group has returned to the country today. They should be here for Sir Smith’s birthday celebration.” 

The Smiths and Horizon Group had reached an agreement two 


months ago to collaborate on a major project. The CEO of 

Horizon returned at this point with the purpose of negotiating with the Smiths in person. 

Joe replied, “Politely escort them to the second floor later.” 

Jack agreed but hesitated before adding, “Miss Swan is also almost here, and… ” 

He stopped suddenly, sensing a change in Joe’s mood. 


Joe’s jawline tightened, and his intense gaze fell on the entrance, his presence commanding. 

Following his gaze, Jack was shocked to see the person at the entrance. A familiar woman that they thought they’d never see again. 

“It’s…” Jack murmured. “It’s her…” 

Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Novel Full Episode

Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Novel Full Episode

Score 9.3
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Read The Novel Fled With CEO's Twin Babies by Sherri Roman is a perfect novel divorce story about Mia White loved Joe Smith. Everyone knew that Mia White loved Joe Smith without dignity and to marry him, she spared no effort. But Joe was only concerned about his first love and he always looked down on Mia. Finally, after a quarrel, Mia became disheartened and asked for a divorce. However, Joe firmly believed that Mia loved him deeply and she would never leave him; this was just another game she played to make him surrender. Joe was wrong. Mia was determined this time. She sadly left the country and disappeared without a trace. Since then, Joe could never find her again...You can also download Bad Love An Alpha’s Regret by Elise

Fled With CEO's Twin Babies by Sherri Roman

Five years later, Mia returned in splendor, causing a sensation. Joe's eyes turned red as he apologized, "Mia, I was wrong..." But Mia didn’t give a damn this time. This apology was too late. She looked coldly at him and asked, " Excuse me? Who are you?" People started discussing, "Who is she? How dare she refuse the billionaire?!" Behind Mia, two children who resembled Joe loudly said, "That’s nonsense! Our mommy is the richer billionairess!" New Novel Up: Faux Vows True Desires Description of Novels Title: Fled With CEO's Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Rating: 9.3 (Very Good) Genre: Billionaire Language: English Read Online Format Pages: Onging Where to read: Noveljk.com

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