Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 915

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 915


Chapter 915 

Maja was taken aback by his rogue behavior, but when she looked up and saw the scars on his chest, she bent down and quietly wiped the water droplets off his leg

She took the pajamas lying next to her and draped them over him, tying them loosely

Then she bent down, ready to drain the water from the bathtub

Just as Maja was about to do so, he hugged her tightly from behind

Maja froze, hearing him say, Why are you so cold?” 

His voice was still hoarse from his injury

Maja’s fingers brushed against the water, which was hot

The bathtub plug was then pulled out, and the water began to slowly drain

lan was feeling horny at this moment, but he was simply too tired after the bath

Maja helped him go back to bed. Ian remained silent, looking sickly pale

The night was silent

Maja was still sitting in front of his bed, and she had been staring at his face for quite a while now 

He had good skin and perfect features, and despite looking pale, it didn’t diminish his handsomeness. With no one around and the hallway lights dim, she slowly reached out and gently touched his cheek

She wasn’t actually cold, being with him simply meant that she had to overcome many difficulties

She finally understood what Tyler had said: If she can’t even muster the courage to overcome these difficulties, didn’t bother visiting him

She had not even been with him yet, but she already knew what pressures she would face if she stood by his side

She couldn’t become someone who clung to him, if she kept waiting for him to save her, it would only burden him

Jan had his own mission, which was the Raymond family

Maja had her own mission too, which was to be responsible for everyone who signed with Star Movie Group

Just as she was about to withdraw her hand, it was suddenly grasped by a much larger one

She looked at him in surprise, but his eyes were still closed

He just held her hand in silence.” 

On nights like these, their fingertips touched, and they could feel each other’s warmth

lan was very weak now, and she could easily pull away if she struggled a bit

But she didn’t

lan smiled, and he had finally fallen asleep

His injuries were severe, so he couldn’t stay up all night

On the other side, Darlene had been waiting outside Greenfield Gardens, but she couldn’t get in because the security guards wouldn’t let her

I can wait for Mr. Raymond inside, why do I have to stand outside? Plus, I’m carrying his child, if I faint here, can you take responsibility?” 

She had deliberately avoided a DNA paternity test, pretended to stay in the hospital for a day, then sneaked out after Holden returned home

Darlene knew there was no turning back for her now. And it was her greed that led her into this situation

The several bodyguards glanced at each other, feeling a bit awkward, after all, this woman had entered Greenfield Gardens before

And Mr. Raymond hadn’t issued any orders not to let her in

Plus, this woman had indeed been with Mr. Raymond

Someone tried to contact lan, but his phone was lost in the flood, and he had been in the hospital for the past half month without a new phone, so his phone was always off

Darlene probably guessed that no one was answering the phone, so she clung to her stomach

My stomach really hurts; how will you explain to Mr. Raymond if something happens to me? Let me in. I’ll wait in the living room for Mr. Raymond to come back.” 

She didn’t dare to go to the hospital anymore, fearing that Holden could show up at any moment. If he insisted on a paternity test, everything would be exposed

So the best choice was to wait for him at Greenfield Gardens to show lan how worried she was about him

Seeing Darlene in real pain, the bodyguard had to agree

Mr. Raymond does not allow anyone to enter the second floor without permission. Ms. Darlene, you’d better wait on the first floor.” 

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: July, 18, 2023 Native Language: English
The novel Dear Ex-wife Marry Me is a Billionaire, telling a story Maja thought her marriage to a man who didn't even know her name was rock bottom, but little did she know that her life was about to take a wild turn. After signing the divorce papers, she thought she'd never see him again, but fate had other plans. Enter lan, the womanizing billionaire from the Raymond family who took a liking to Maja, a newly emerging designer. He became her knight in shining armor, supporting her, helping her deal with scumbags, and even cutting off her love interests. But as the rumors about their relationship swirled around, a question lingered: what is their connection? Maja's answer stunned everyone: "Apart from being an employer and employee, we're also ex-husband and ex-wife."

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

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